Who we are

across the globe, we are united in our dedication to children’s rights


Partnering to build a world where children and women have equal rights in the society

We are a Ugandan Registered NGO with a vision of creating a significant impact on lives of children and women through Education, Rights Protection, Health and economic empowerment on a sustainable basis.

As COCAWEU, we believe that businesses and charities can achieve more by working together to address social and environmental issues than by working alone.

We hold fundraisers at least twice a year. Sponsoring a companion of children and women empowerment Uganda event will build positive awareness of your brand.


Monitoring & Supervision

COCAWEU Team regularly visit beneficiaries to evaluate the performance of students under our support. The team also evaluate further support requirements as well as conducting audits to ascertain whether donor funds are being utilized correctly. All beneficiaries are registered.

Community Mapping

Our team engages with the community at the grass root level to assess important aspects of the program such as the size of the population, health and sanitation necessities, and locations.

Training & Development

COCAWEU workers are induced into a rigorous and detailed training program that focuses on all aspects of humanitarian work.

Government Permission

We work with the Government to procure necessary permissions.

— Our Mission

To relieve poverty by implementing self sufficient initiatives to children and women, providing basic tools for education and creating equal opportunities for everyone to see the poor being uplifted from desperate poverty to joyful self sufficient.

— Our Vision

To create a significant impact on the lives of children and women through Education, Rights Protection, Health and Economic Empowerment on a sustainable basis.

— Our Story

The biggest percentage of women in Uganda is subjected to daily fruitless struggle, abuse, persecution, violence, discrimination, dis-empowerment and poverty, we look forward to economically empower them and help them improve their lives resourcefully.



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